Welcome to Yes, I’m Adopted. Don’t Make It Weird…

Yes, I’m Adopted. Don’t Make It Weird… is Brett and Dave-O, two South Korean adoptees who consider themselves well-adjusted adults. Through their various online media shows and podcasts they set out to normalize the adoption experience through humor and honesty. Many from all sides of adoption have found Yes, I’m Adopted’s perspectives as adults, adoptees, and parents to be educational, enlightening, and entertaining.



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Normalizing the adoption experience.

Brett and Dave-O met as adults in Michigan and have been friends for a couple of decades. In more recent years they started talking about their mutual experience as Korean adoptees and how that has affected their lives, and even more recently they’ve been talking about that experience on camera. What started as a need for content ideas to experiment with the technical aspects of vlogging for their company has turned into a very real opportunity to speak life and joy and truth into all aspects of the “adopt-o-sphere” as Dave-O has been calling it. So, thanks for coming and being part of our community and journey, and we’re excited and humbled to be part of yours.