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Here’s a list of keynote and breakout subjects we’ve done in the past. If you would like to have us speak on a particular subject that is not listed, we can work out the details!


Having Children or Raising Adults: The distinction is important. The end goal of adoption, or parenting for that matter, is not having children. The point is to raise fully functional, well-adjusted adults. Brett & Dave-O talk about their journey to adulthood and how the adoption experience has shaped them along the way.

Adoption In The New Media: The topic of adoption comes up a lot in the media landscape. Brett & Dave-O have managed to carve out their own niche with the use of professional video productions and social media platforms. They give their perspective on success for the adoption triad in the age of connection... and also how they deal with trolls.

Trauma Brain: One of the most impactful things that Brett & Dave-O have learned about themselves is how profoundly the initial separation trauma of adoption has affected their lives both psychologically and biologically. They discuss their "adoption quirks" and how they've come to reconcile them as adults through honesty, metacognition, and neuroplasticity.

Love Vs Fear: If many of the website are to be believed, many in the adoption triad are operating out of fear, which makes decision-making hard, and raising children nearly impossible. Brett & Dave-O address being the adult, moving past fear, and how the love we talk about, when lived, moves us to greater understanding, acceptance, and growth.

Grief And Joy: For Brett & Dave-O, the past decade of learning about themselves has led to a lot of grief... and a lot of joy. They talk about how grief and sadness as they relate to adoption loss are necessary and to be embraced. They then discuss how the reconciliation of grief can lead to a greater understanding of joy in all aspects of life.

5A Summit: Ask An Adopted Adult Anything. Their lives are an open book, and they are willing to answer (almost) any question, regardless of how ridiculous. Brett & Dave-O are available to address questions from audiences about all aspects of adoption with humor, (some) tact, and honesty.

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